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our Ptsa supports students with attendance incentives, rewards for improvement, and special events! 

The Back Bay Monte Vista PTSA supports and motivates our students by providing incentives such as certificates, recognition, and gift cards for attendance and academics. The PTSA recognition shows students that they are appreciated, acknowledged, and their effort does not go unrewarded.  YOUR support of our PTSA makes this possible. 

If you shop on AMAZON, a portion of every purchase will be sent to our PTSA if you use this start your shopping at SMILE Amazon Site  The SMILE Amazon site is Amazon, but a portion of your sale is sent to the charity of your choice, and Amazon pays for it! Try it! 

PTA memberships may be done online via Join Totem. 

Membership is only $10 (plus a $1.00 processing fee).

Back Bay invites you to jump in and get involved with your PTSA. Whether you merely serve food during a festivity or desire a leadership position, our PTSA appreciates your support.

By the way, PTSA is simply a more inclusive name for the better known PTA. "S" stands for students.  PTA and PTSA are the same organization. 

Please support our PTSA by joining or donating!

2020-21 Meeting Dates (Zooms)

PTSA General Meetings 2021-22

  • TBD. November 18th @ 2:00 PM via Zoom?
  • January 19th
  • March 16th (Elections and Service Awards)
  • May 18th (Installation of Officers 2022 - 2023)
2021-22 PTSA  Executive Board

Martha Fluor, President

Cynthia Strasmann, Vice President

-Anna Wilson, Secretary 
-BW Wilson, Treasurer

-Dennis Ashendorf,  Parliamentarian

-Lisa Boler, Auditor

-Kelly Davis, Membership

everything is possible