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Independent Study Model

Monte Vista High School offers district-adopted curriuculum through an independent study program; a program fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The MVHS independent study high school program is a voluntary alternative instructional strategy, NOT an alternative curriculum. [California Education Code  Section 51745(a)(3)]. MVHS courses meet the district graduation requirements.

Independent study offers the means and flexibility of individualizing educational plans for students, and MVHS Faculty and Staff work hard to help students take responsibility for their own learning  and be successful.

Completing coursework through an independent study program can be quite different for a student who is accustomed to completing classes at a standard comprehensive high school. An independent study program offers students a district-approved curriculum which is to be completed, independently, outside the classroom setting.

In most circumstances, students attending the Monte Vista independent study program are enrolled in just ONE semester course at a time instead of being enrolled in several courses per day as is typical in a standard high school program. Each course has assignments and requirements outlined in a written contract which is supervised by a credentialed teacher. 

Students enroll in the Monte Vista independent study program for many different reasons. Some students pursue work or professional sports training schedules that don't fit into typical comprehensive high school schedules- the independent study model better fits their needs/schedules.  Other students have wanted to study at an accelerated pace to complete courses- the independent study model better fits their motivations. Still other students have benefited from the independent study program at Monte Vista because they needed and received more individual attention in order to do well academically. There have also been high school students in the district who could not or can not attend school on a daily basis, for whatever the various reasons, and these students are able to successfully complete their graduation requirements in the MVHS independent study program.

MVHS offers an effective, individualized, independent study high school  educational choice for NMUSD families and students.  Please talk with a District high school counselor, or contact Monte Vista High School, for further information.