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Principal's Message

        Welcome to Back Bay & Monte Vista

Dear Students and Parents, 

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! We are looking forward to an amazing year full of academic success, even though things are different and we are currently doing "distance learning".  We will  work hard to provide an environment that is responsive to your diverse needs. This will ensure that all students will receive their high school diploma and be fully prepared for life beyond the classroom. 

Consider your enrollment at Back Bay High School a fresh start. You can start where you are and still finish strong, but we must all be flexible in these times of a global pandemic. Our goal, regardless of how classes take place, is to have our students earn their diploma.  If  you need any help toward this goal, please let us know how we can assist you.

Mike Wagner

Queridos Estudiantes y Padres,

Bienvenidos al ano escolar 2020-2021! Esperamos tener un ano increible y lleno de logros academicos, aunque ahora es diferente ya que estaremos trabajando en linea. Trabajaremos duro para proporcionar un ambiente que sea responsivo a sus necesidades. Esto asegura de que su estudiante reciba su diploma de la preparatoria y esté preparado/a completamente para la vida después. 

Consideren su inscripción en Back Bay High School un nuevo comienzo. Puedes empezar de nuevo aquí y terminar siendo muy fuerte! 

Mike Wagner

Attendance during distance learning

We are taking attendance every day!   Students must log in to School Loop to see their class schedule, then communicate with their teacher (usually on ZOOM) during each period to show as "present" for attendance.  If you're unable to log in or get into the teacher's Zoom link, please send the teacher an email (Loop Mail on School Loop).  If you have trouble accessing School Loop or getting on to a Chromebook, please contact Ms. Ammerman at 949-515-3383 ( or Kelly at 949-515-3389 (