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Attending BBHs & MVHS

Please call Ms. Sonja Ammerman at 949-515-3383 for information on attending Back Bay or Monte Vista. You may also email Ms. Ammerman at

The enrollment process at Back Bay/Monte Vista is a little different than the "neighborhood" high schools in our district. If you have enrollment papers from any of the other high schools in our district, please save that paperwork as we may need it when you come to our campus to enroll.

The NMUSD Enrollment Page has information on address verification, immunizations, required documents (such as a birth certificate), etc.

Back Bay or Monte Vista?

Back Bay is a continuation school. Students typically attend 5 days per week, 5 periods per day, 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Back Bay is a good alternative for students who are behind in credits.

Monte Vista is independent study. Students may attend as often as five days per week for several hours per day to as little as one day per week for two hours.  

Please contact Ms. Ammerman for more information about the two programs.