Principal's Message

Back Bay Earns State Recognition in 2012-13!

Back Bay High School has been recognized  AGAIN by the California Department of Education as a model continuation school for the second three-year period in a row. Based on attendance, graduation rates, community involvement, and its outstanding academic programs, Back Bay has, once again, been officially recognized as an exemplary continuation school.

The staff and students would like to thank everyone for their unyielding support of our program.

Click here to see the Daily Pilot article on Back Bay's award.,0,4436825.story  


Back Bay High School has a unique mission that is unlike any of the other high schools in the Newport Mesa School District.  Students are referred to Back Bay High School from their comprehensive home high school for many reasons. Our goal is to respond to the needs of our students by providing a small nurturing environment that supports each student's learning needs. Coupled with academic support the student is expected to seriously pursue a high school diploma.

Attendance is critical. All assignments are completed in class through reading, writing and participation. Students who have failed at their regular high school soon learn that there is a higher degree of accountability in Back Bay. Classes average fifteen students and all teachers and staff meet weekly to discuss student progress. Academic work is monitored closely by the teachers and principal. Students are not allowed to fail. During the school day 100% participation is expected. Back Bay High School is a great opportunity for students who want to get back on track.

We welcome all students regardless of their school and disciplinary record to start over at Back Bay.  If you are struggling and/or failing your classes in your high school talk to your counselor or assistant principal and find out more about the opportunities we can offer you.  Deborah Davis, Principal

It's all about ATTENDANCE!

Attendance is key to students making up and maintaining the credits they need to graduate. The first bell rings at 8:27 a.m., and the tardy bell rings at 8:30 a.m.  Some cell phone times may be 2-3 minutes different than our school clocks, so students should adjust their arrival time accordingly. Excused absences may still cause your student to lose credits, so please try to make medical appointments outside of school hours. Our attendance technician, Joy Facer, is happy to answer questions regarding our attendance policies.  Ms. Facer may be reached at (949) 515-3385.






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